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For Time Constrained Golfers...

How to improve at golf with little time to play and no time to practice? Let us show you how...

One of the biggest myths in golf is that you have to practice several days a week on the range if you want to improve. 

That sounds like a great idea...but not realistic for the majority of improvement seeking golfers. 

Let's face it...golfers are busy. 

Many golfers own or run their own show at work. Many golfers are balancing work and family life which doesn't leave a lot of extra time to practice. They feel lucky when they get to play on the weekends. 

And what about retired golfers who do have the extra time to practice and get better? 

Even worse...they're aging bodies don't need all the extra stress and strain of banging balls unless it fits in a short time span and serves a specific purpose. 

So...what's the answer…?

Who is this for?

This program is not for every golfer. It is for golfers who find themselves in these similar situations. 

Are you one of them?


Busy Golfer #1: You LOVE Golf, but you also have other hobbies and interests

Let's be honest. You love golf and you'd love to play even more than you do now. have other hobbies and interests too. You are an active person with a healthy view on life. It's all about balance. You've come to realize that as much as you love to play, there are other sports and hobbies that interest you too. Since you have limited time on your hands, you need to invest your time wisely if you want to improve.


Busy Golfer #2: Senior Golfers who need to protect their bodies

What is the senior golf dilemma that nobody talks about? You finally have lots of free time on your hands and there is no better place to spend that time than out on the golf course. Even have a few bucks tucked away so if you wanted to invest in your game, you could easily do it. Sounds pretty nice, right? What's the dilemma? Your body is showing the signs of wear and tear and you really need to protect it from here on out. It's more important to focus on quality and not quantity. The stuff you do every day needs to make a difference with as little stress to the body as possible. 


Busy Golfer #3: Busy Executives, Professionals and Event Players

CEO's, small business owners, professional athletes, lawyers, doctors, high level sales executives...and many others too numerous to count...know that many deals are made on the golf course. You get to know people real quick by playing 18 holes of golf. Of course, if you had the time, you'd play every single day making deals along the way. Unfortunately, that's not how business works. This kind of playing time is considered a "perk", but you also have a real job that takes away from any extra time to get better. You may play in local men's club, charity events and annual get togethers with the guys. You want to 'school' your friends off the tee, but you have very limited time to play or practice. 


Busy Golfer #4: Busy Moms and Dads

Whether your kids are 2, 4 and 7, early teens or young adults, if you're a mom or a dad trying to make a living and balancing normal work-life daily, you're probably busiest of all. In fact, it's shocking you found this page! But you did and maybe there's a reason. When you play golf, you want to play well. Or...atleast well enough to fit in and even have a change at a legit birdie now and then. This program will help you focus on the most important things so you can let go of the stuff you don't need or only confuses the message.

The Busy Golfer's Guide to Game Improvement 

Golf instruction, advice, tips and direction on all facets of the game (minus all the fluff). Covers golf swing techniques, mental and fitness training. This will create a more satisfying and rewarding experience while playing golf...and who doesn't want that? All segments broken down into 30 minutes or less for easy learning and growing with the game you love. 

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These golfers loved our program. Find out why...

Not everyone has the time, energy and money to invest into their game. But golf is supposed to be fun and it's hard to enjoy your time on the course when you can't hit the ball the way you want. It's frustrating!

These golfers loved the program and think you will too!

  Here's what they had to say. 

Doug Grant


Exactly what I was looking for...

"There are a million videos, tips, articles and programs on how to get better at golf - but only one that focuses on how to improve with limited time and minimal investment. This is exactly what I was looking for."

Les Parker

Sales Executive

Outdrive my buddies...all I need...

"I don't play enough to be good. But I always work just hard enough to beat my buddies when we do play. That's my only goal because watching my buddies face when I outdrive him is all the satisfaction I need."

Glen Sanders

Financial Advisor

Worth the investment...

"Lack of time is the biggest reason I never improve the way I want. This program gave me what I needed to maximize my learning curve and feel like I could be competitive when I need to be."

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